Private Education Expands in Indiana

         A new report by Chalkboard Review has found that following Covid mandates, academic concerns, and numerous CRT or sexual content controversies, private schools are growing significantly in Indiana with the start of this new school year.

         The report found that of the 319 private schools in Indiana, 288 have seen some growth, and 154 have seen a significant enrollment increase between the 2020-2021 and the 2021-2022 school year. According to new enrollment data, 49 private schools saw at least a 150 percent increase from the previous year’s roster.  Many private schools in Indiana have waiting lists of students wanting to enroll.

         According to the publication Education Week, "America’s public school system lost almost 1.3 million students this year" to private schools or home education.

         Several specific private schools are mentioned with specific growth numbers in this news article:

Is Gun Violence the Real Crime Problem?

         It is certainly understandable that shootings make the news headlines compared to less dramatic (though still harmful) criminal incidents.  In a recent email, I noted, for example, that Indianapolis is headed for a record number of homicides, many of which involve illegal firearms.   

         However, here is an interesting factoid.  While firearms are used in the majority of homicides, guns are only used in 9% of all violent criminal acts.  The vast majority of rapes, other sex crimes, and robberies involve other weapons or no weapons.  If it were possible to ban firearms, (it is not), that action would have no impact upon 91% of the crimes that occur in America.

Have You Ever Wondered?

         If you are a parent and marveled at your infant as one of the most beautiful, wonderful things in your life, you may have thought about the issue of abortion and wondered how a mother could choose abortion after having children.   

         The abortion industry often claims that abortion is somewhat normal for women who have children already.  For example, this appears on Planned Parenthood’s web page:

         "Deciding to have an abortion doesn’t mean you don’t want or love children. In fact, 6 out of 10 people who get abortions already have kids — and many of them decide to end their pregnancies so they can focus on the children they already have."

         This is a lie.  According to a massive new study over 15 years, involving nearly 8 million pregnancies, it is rare for a mother to abort after having a child, particularly among poor women, which is another misperception.   Researchers found that out of nearly five million women on Medicaid with at least one pregnancy, less than 6% had both births and abortions.   

         The researchers also found that, contrary to another claim by abortion activists, women almost never use abortion as a means to space their children apart.

         Abortion is in no way a normal part of motherhood.

Just a Coincidence?

         The following nine states, Connecticut, Nevada, New York, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Illinois, D.C., Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia have the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

         They have something else in common too.  They are all governed by a Democrat.

         Nebraska, Utah, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Idaho, Vermont, Alabama, Kansas, Montana, and Oklahoma have the 10 lowest unemployment rates.  All, except for Kansas, are governed by a Republican.

         There is an old saying in the public policy world. It is: "What you subsidize you get more of."  All of the high unemployment states are continuing their participation in the federal government’s enhanced unemployment benefits program.

Resources from AFA of Indiana

         Last week I mentioned a page where we have policy papers, which we call fact sheets.  These are more in-depth looks at issues with what we hope are educational and persuasive pieces.  We have added several more to this list, including one of my favorites on the true meaning of liberty, at this link:

         If you would like to know what AFA of Indiana is all about, here is a short 3-minute promotional video on us:

Election Integrity Presentation  

        Polls are showing that a majority of Americans are concerned about the security of our recent and future elections. There will be a presentation in Noblesville by Dr. Douglas Frank, Ph.D. on Thursday, August 26th at 7 PM at Life Church on 2200 Sheridan Road on this topic and his recent reviews of certain state outcomes.  The event is free, but donations will be possible at the event.  Seating is limited.

In Their Own Words:

       "Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families." — Dr. Benjamin Rush (1773)

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