Not Even the Liberal Media Can Hide Biden’s Failure Here

         Despite studies showing the Biden Administration has received more favorable and less negative news coverage than any president since Bill Clinton in 1993, not even a fawning media can hide some obvious failures from America.

         A new poll from, of all places, ABC and The Washington Post found that nearly half of all Americans (48%) disapprove of the Biden Administration’s handling of crime issues.  Only 38% approve.   Contrary to the dominant media narrative, 55% of those polled believe increasing funding for police is a better approach than more gun control laws.  Likewise, African Americans were twice as likely to say that crime is a problem than any other racial demographic.   

         Republicans have a 15-point polling advantage on this issue in the Midwest. In the suburbs, they have a 10-point advantage over Democrats on the issue of crime.

         Regarding one specific crime, the poll found that only 33% of Americans say they approve of how President Biden is handling illegal immigration on the southern border.

Hoosiers Like Fireworks

         A study of spending on fireworks per person places Indiana among the top ten highest states for resident spending.   Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Alabama, and South Carolina were the five highest states where residents spent the most on fireworks   Hoosiers came in 9th, just ahead of Ohio.  

Nah, We’re Not Teaching Critical Race Theory

         Many frustrated parents, who overheard their children’s zoom classes or read their class materials during Covid, are now being told by many Indiana school superintendents and school boards that their school is not embracing divisive and corrupt racial theories. Far-left news stations like MSNBC and CNN are claiming CRT is just a right-wing boogeyman.  

        Another new poll may be an indication that CRT is far more pervasive and has been around for several years in schools across America.  While most Americans are patriotic, only 36% of young people aged 18-24 said they were very or extremely proud to be an American.  This is the only demographic polled in which pride fell below 50%.   A virtually identical percentage (35%) of this group said that they were not proud at all, or only slightly proud to be an American.

       In contrast, 86% of those 65 and older said they were very or extremely proud to be an American. Among those aged 45-64, 75% said they were very or extremely proud to be an American.

       Clearly, something has gone wrong among those most recently leaving high school.

       Political ideology has a lot to do with these findings. Conservatives (81%) as a group were more extremely/very proud to be American than moderates (66%) and liberals (55%).  

       Interestingly too, married women are far prouder (70%) to be American, than single women (51%).  Overall, 81% of men were very or extremely proud compared to women (65%).

       Much has been made of racial divisions over the past year. Many in that movement thrive on fostering a hatred of America.  Perhaps, it is not too surprising, at this time, that only 56% of Blacks and Hispanics are very proud to be Americans compared to 73% of whites. However, only 7% of Blacks and 9% of Hispanics say they are not proud at all of their nationality.

Allegedly, Indiana Ranks Low on Independence

         A new study looking at nearly 40 indicators ranks Indiana as among the most dependent states in the nation.  The self-reliance indicators included things like vice (drugs, tobacco, gambling, TV and social media time, etc.) government dependency, and personal finance.  

        The Wallet Hub survey noted: "Indiana is the sixth-least independent state. It has high foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, which translate to the financial dependency of its residents," WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez said. "The state also depends a lot on the federal government and has the largest share of occupied subsidized housing units."  

Who Are You?

         Here is a 3-minute video about the American Family Association of Indiana:

In Their Own Words:

       "A government that can crush someone like Barronelle, who kindly served her gay customer for nearly a decade, but simply declined to create art celebrating one sacred ceremony, can use its power to crush any of us, regardless of our political ideology or views on important issues like marriage."  
       – Kristen Waggoner, General Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom which represented Christian florist, Barronelle Stutzman.  Last week, the US Supreme Court refused to take up Stutzman’s case, effectively allowing the state of Washington to close her business and to impose massive fines for her refusal to participate in a homosexual wedding.  This will cause Mrs. Stutzman, (who is in her mid-70s), to lose her home, her retirement funds, and her life savings.  Justices Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas wanted to take up her case, but a required fourth Justice did not join them.

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